Monday, 27 February 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2: Power and Grace trailer analysis

HBO released a new trailer for Season 2 of Game of Thrones entitled "Power and Grace" on 24 February 2012. It was initially only available via the HBO Go on demand service but is now up for everyone to see on Youtube.

I thought I'd break down the shots we see and the voiceover we hear. Spoilers for season 2 and the book it is based upon, A Clash of Kings, herein. I posted a straight forward breakdown of the trailer without the commentary about the source material on the Game of Thrones Wiki (link) so TV only viewers should think twice before reading on. That said the spoilers below do not relate to anything not seen in the trailer or give away any of the endings to character arcs in the second book. The full breakdown is after the jump.

We open with Jon Snow surveying a snow-covered landscape in the day. We then see Snow from in front, seemingly in the same location. This is a pairing of shots that was also used in the "Shadow" trailer (around 0:14 in that video). He seems to be among the terrain rather than at the wall so I suppose this is during the great ranging. During A Clash of Kings Lord Commander of the Nights Watch Jeor Mormont decides to take a large party of men North of the wall to find out where his people (Benjen Stark, Waymar Royce etc.) have been disappearing to and to investigate the rumors regarding the return White Walkers. Jon accompanies Mormont as his steward.

At 0:05 we see a group of fires on the shoreline beneath a castle at night. This was the opening image of the preceding "Shadow" trailer. I suspect that this coastal castle is Dragonstone. This is the onetime seat of House Targaryen and now the seat of Stannis Baratheon. Stannis is a new character for the second season and was mentioned but not seen on screen in the first season. He is the younger brother of Robert Baratheon and the next in line after Robert's children. He is one of the claimants on the Iron Throne due to his belief (shared by me) that Robert and Cersei Lannister had no children and that Jaime Lannister is the father of Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen. At 0:06 we get a wide shot of the group surrounding the same fires. We can make out Melisandre, Stannis and what might be Selyse Baratheon (we cannot confirm as there has been no casting announcement for the role) adjacent to the burning effigies. This is a new image but seems to pair with the other night fire ones we have seen. Melisandre is a red priestess and follows a religion from the East which believes in two oposing deities. I believe the fires are the burning of the carved wooden statues of the seven gods from the sept on Dragonstone. Melisandre has converted Selyse and Stannis to following the R'hlor, the lord of light.

At 0:08 we see a wide shot of Sandor Clegane fighting on foot on the walls of the Red Keep. He knocks his opponent over the edge of the wall. This also featured in the "Shadow" trailer at 0:55 but the shot has been flipped along the vertical axis so that the camera is watching from the right of the screen instead of the left. At 0:09 We see a knight fall from the walls of the Red Keep. This pairs well with the preceding shot and is new to this trailer. At 0:10 A knight crashes to the ground in a courtyard being watched by Lannister guardsmen. Again this seems to follow well from the preceding shot and is new to this trailer. It is weird that the shot has been reversed - I suspect in the edit they noticed that it fits better with the other shots of the sequence if it is the other way around. I believe this fight is an added sequence for the show and takes place during King Joffrey's name day tourney. In the books the tourney does take place within the Red Keep but still involves jousting and the Hound is solely a guard rather than a participant (A Clash of Kings chapter 3 Sansa I).

At 0:11 we see Littlefinger comforting a crying woman. He says "those who have the most power have the least grace." This is the line that the title of the clip was drawn from. This shot is new. I think the redhead is probably Ros but the side profile makes me less than 100% certain. Ros is a television only character so her presence immediately pushes this into the realm of added scenes. I wonder if he is comforting her after the murders of Mhaegen and Barra (a whore who was a favorite of Robert's and their bastard daughter) by the City Watch within the brothel. We learn about these events when Tyrion questions Janos Slynt about them in A Clash of Kings chapter 9 Tyrion II.

At 0:12 we see Cersei drinking wine, seated, with sun streaming through the archway behind her. This is also new but is difficult to place with so little content. I think the location is the royal bedchambers where we saw her and Robert drinking in the first season but its a long lense shot so the background is not in focus and I cannot be certain. As to the timing we know Cersei likes a drink and she spends the whole of the second book around King's Landing so I don't think I can say with any more precision than "in season 2!"

At 0:14 Tywin Lannister says "The War of the Five Kings they are calling it" as we see two Stark men-at-arms guiding their mounts through the aftermath of a battle. This shot is new. The voiceover is new and reminds me of a silly problem we currently have on the Game of Thrones Wiki - there are only four kings in the war at the close of the first season and so we have had to name the article The War of the Four Kings which leads to much confusion and people changing it to Five Kings because they are unsure why we have it wrong! The Stark men riding through a battle ground could be from any of Robb's victories in A Clash of Kings - we see none of them firsthand but notable successes are reported at Oxcross, while scouring the Westerlands and in storming the Crag.

At 0:15 we see Sandor Clegane fighting at night. This is new. It is difficult to identify any of his opponents - they wear brownish armour and rounded helms so are either Stark or Baratheon men. I believe this is likely to be during the Battle of the Blackwater; he is described as having fought bravely in the early stages of the conflict in A Clash of Kings chapter 60 Tyrion XIII.

At 0:16 we see Arya Stark toying with needle. We have seen this before as a publicity still and in the "Shadow" teaser at 0:25. I'll note again that Arya's hair is cut short; she remains undercover as a boy with Yoren of the Night's Watch at this stage. Also I've said before that Maisie Williams shone among the already strong group of young actors assembled for the first season.

At 0:17 we see Tywin saying "Nothing matters but how it ends." This is new. He is back in his plain black leather raiment in this scene so it is relatively removed from any of his battles. I suspect he will be talking to someone in Harrenhal - perhaps Gregor or another of his subordinates. We know this scene takes place after the Iron Islands enter the war because otherwise it would not yet be the War of the Five Kings. Charles Dance is a standout bit of casting in an already excellent ensemble, his delivery as Tywin is brilliant.

At 0:18 we see a rider crossing a desert landscape. We have seen this before in the "Cold Winds" teaser at 0:10. I think this shot is likely to be Daenerys sending out scouts into the Red Waste as her people try to get across the desert. There has been casting news of a new Dothraki character, Kovarro, and I wonder if he will be one of these scouts. I also very much hope that Elyes Gable is back as Rakharro and that we will see more of Amrita Acharia as Irri as they both did great work with small parts in the first season. Daenerys troubled passage through the red wastes takes place in A Clash of Kings chapter 13 Daenerys I. She only has five POV chapters in the books so I would expect this journey to take at least two episodes.

Daenerys says "The time to strike is now" as we see her in conversation with Xaro Xhoan Daxos at 0:21. This is new footage although we have seen Xaro in the background of previous trailers and in a publicity still issued via Xaro is a merchant Prince of Qarth and a member of the powerful group known as the thirteen. He is one of several Qartheen competing for Dany's favor in A Clash of Kings and positions himself as a potential suitor. Nonso Anozie plays Xaro in the series and looks drastically different from the book description of a milk white bald man with a large beak like nose. I'll reserve judgement on the casting until we see him in the role though.

At 0:22 we see Daenerys wearing a blue gown talking to Jorah Mormont. She says "the Starks fight the Lannisters, the Baratheons fight eachother." This is also new and appears to take place inside Qarth because she has escaped the riding gear she wears in all the desert footage. It is interesting that she knows so much about current events in Westeros. Daenerys learns of Robert's death and the infighting troubling Westeros from a merchant sailor in Qarth in A Clash of Kings Chapter 28 Daenerys II.

At 0:23 is a wide shot of two groups of riders meeting on a cliff top. Brienne, Renly, Catelyn and four of Renly's men are on the right while Davos Seaworth, Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon are of the left. The crowned stag on a green background that Renly has taken as his banner flys from banners held by his men. At 0:24 there is a tighter shot of Stannis' party. We can see the back of Renly and Catelyn on the right and Melisandre, Stannis, Davos on the left. We can now see that Stannis has five of his men behind him and that they are flying his new sigil of the crowned stag within a burning heart. At 0:25 there is a closeup of Stannis who says "The Iron Throne is mine by right." At 0:26 there is a closeup of a defiantly supportive Melisandre followed at 0:28 by a closeup of Renly vehemently saying "No-one wants you for their king, brother." At 0:29 we return to the closeup of Stannis. We have seen other shots at this location before but this sequence from 0:23 to here is new. Now that we have the dialogue I think it is clear that this scene is the parley between Stannis and Renly. In the books this scene takes place at Bitterbridge in A Clash of Kings chapter 32 Catelyn III. Davos is not present in the book because he has been sent to deliver Stannis' letters denying Joffrey's claim to the throne. The coastal setting here leads me to believe that the parley has been moved to outside Storm's End on the coast of the Stormlands. Davos is present for a later parley outside Storm's End (A Clash of Kings chapter 43 Davos II) but Renly is not at that one and his interests are instead represented by Ser Cortnay Penrose. I think the series may have amalgamated the two parleys into one and done away with Penrose's character. I think this is a sensible enough move to reduce complexity and running time from the Catelyn / Davos stories but I will miss seeing both instances of sorcery that Stannis uses to get his own way after the each of the two parleys.

Catelyn is heard in voiceover saying "You have inherited your father's responsibilities..."
We see Robb, Brienne and Catelyn in silhouette, with the sun behind them and a Stark banner overhead at 0:30. At 0:31 Robb strides across a battlefield as silent sisters tend to the dead behind him. We have seen this shot before in the "Shadow" tease at 0:37. I think this is likely to be the aftermath of the Battle of Oxcross because this is his first victory in A Clash of Kings. I suspect this shot matches up with the Stark riders on the battlefield at 0:14 too. At 0:32 Catelyn finishes her line to Robb "...They come at a cost." Brienne is stood behind them. At 0:34 we see Robb talking to Catelyn in a tent at night. He says "I love her."

At 0:35 a woman undoes her lover's doublet. I noticed her lighter hair which makes the next cut to 0:35 Robb kissing someone with dark hair at 0:35 seen incongruous. This sequence (excluding the battlefield shot) from 0:30 to here is new. I think the kiss is likely to be Robb and Jeyne Westerling.

Who the lighter haired woman is in the earlier shot is very hard to say without seeing anyone's face (she could still be Jeyne but there is a cut with a lighting difference there). Notably in casting announcements Jeyne (played by Oona Chaplin) is referred to only by her first name so she may not remain a Westerling in the series. Robb has no point of view chapters so Catelyn does not learn about his relationship with Jeyne until the next book (A Sword of Storms) but he reports that it began after he stormed the Crag. She nursed him after an injury and they fell into bed and then in love. Catelyn learns of his victory at the crag in A Clash of Kings chapter 56 Catelyn VII. So the beginnings of his relationship do take place in the timeline of the second book but are not revealed to the reader until the third book. I think it makes sense for the television adaptation to include their relationship now as a way to give more material to Robb when he is not with Catelyn. The show established that it was going to do this with scenes of Robb without a point of view character in the first season (e.g. discussing strategy at Moat Cailin before Catelyn's arrival) and will clearly be continuing to do so this year. I am glad we will see more of him and hope we see some of the battles that are only referenced in the books.

Tyrion Lannister in voice-over "I want to know what Cersei is doing..." as we see a panning shot of Tyrion as acting Hand of the King at 0:36. We have seen this image in publicity stills and in the "Cold Winds" tease at 0:18. Tyrion's return to King's Landing was set up in his final conversation with Tywin is the first season. At 0:38 we see a close-up of Cersei smiling. This is new but difficult to place - notably she is wearing a red gown that is not seen in any of her scenes with Tyrion so far so I think this is probably incongruous footage. At 0:38 we get a close-up of Tyrion continuing his line "...who she sees..." and he is clearly wearing different clothing to the earlier shot. At 0:39 we see Cersei behind a white stone lattice. Again I cannot place this but note that she is in a turquoise gown which she does wear in at least one scene with Tyrion based on other footage of them together. The flowers in the stone are interesting but not something I can recall seeing elsewhere. At 0:40 we see a tight close-up of someone looking through a small gap, light on their eye while we hear Tyrion in voice-over finishing his line "Everything." At 0:40 Littlefinger turns aways from a peephole. This sequence from 0:38 onwards is new.

At 0:41 Hodor carries Bran through a wooded area as Osha trails behind them. Bran says "I heard some of the men talking about the comet." At 0:42 there is a crash zoom and pan through the treetops showing a red comet overhead. Bran continues in voiceover "They say it's an omen." Osha replies in voiceover "A Red Comet means one thing boy..." while we see a closeup of Osha kneeling beside Hodor at 0:46. I'm always unsure if it is Kristian Nairn who has a scar by his eye or if this is makeup for Hodor. He has a mark in his publicity photo on IMDB. Anyone know?
Osha seemingly finishes her line "...Dragons." At 0:47 we see Daenerys and Jorah guide the Khalasar through desert terrain. One of the dragons screeches from Daenerys' shoulder. This sequence from 0:41 to 0:47 is all new. I hadn't noticed before but it appears that Daenerys has repurposed Qotho's shoulder pad as a perch for her dragons. It is Lovely to see the tiny dragons again after the single shot of them at the close of the first season. I do hope they are able to feature them a reasonable amount but
I understand that decent CGI is sometimes too expensive for a series to keep up on a regular basis and I suppose seeing them used sparingly but well is a better compromise than often but looking cheap. I was really pleased to see the comet in the trailer at last. I think the comet is a real gift to an adaptation because it can tie the disparate storylines together with minimal effort for the first episode.

At 0:49 we see men fighting on the deck of a flaming warship. Now this is a high octane moment! The fleet of Stannis attacks King's Landing in the Battle of the Blackwater and some of those ships are burned so I believe this shot is from this part of the book (A Clash of Kings Chapter 59 Davos III). I wasn't able to identify the men fighting on the boat - was anyone else able to identify the actors or stunt performers here? This shot fits contextually well with the next; at 0:50 Cersei asks Tyrion "What do you know about warfare?" in the small council chambers.
Tyrion seemingly replies in voiceover "Nothing. I know our enemies hate each other..."
At 0:52 we see Tyrion rounding a corner in darkness. At 0:53 we see Tyrion being led through a tunnel by a man with a lantern. At 0:54 there is a close-up of Tyrion in armour seated opposite Cersei in the small council chamber finishing his line "...almost as much as they hate us." This sequence from 0:49 to here is all new. I was pleased that we saw more of Tyrion and Cersei's animosity in the second book as he spends so much of the first book apart from his family - I am glad the adaptation will seemingly include some of their bickering. I can't find anything that corresponds with the dialogue here but their reunion takes place in A Clash of Kings Chapter 4 Tyrion I. I think the shot of Tyrion being led through tunnels is likely to be Varys teaching him to use secret passages to visit Shae as in A Clash of Kings chapter 16 Tyrion III.

At 0:55 A long lense close-up of Qhorin Halfhand saying "They'll hit us in force..." Lord Commander Jeor Mormont and Dolorous Edd are visible behind him. Qhorin continues in voiceover "...and won't run away when we hit back" while we see Jon bracing himself against icy winds and snow at 0:56 and Sam looking sideways at the Lord Commander at 0:58. At 0:59 we see Jon creeping past a rock, sword in hand. At 1:00 The Lord Commander pinning Jon against a tree saying "You want to lead one day..."
At 1:02 we see a column of Night's Watch brothers marching through deep snow while The Lord Commander continues in voiceover "...well learn how to follow first."
We have seen this column marching before in the "Shadow" tease at 0:52. At 1:03 A long shot of a group of people walking single file along a mountain ridge. This sequence apart from the shot at 1:02 is new. Qhorin is a new character for season 2 and an experienced ranger who becomes a mentor to Jon. He is introduced in the books in A Clash of Kings chapter 44 Jon V. I think his warning here will prompt the Lord Commander to send out parties of Scouts into the mountains as in the book. Also new on the Nights Watch side is the dry witted Dolorous Edd - we hardly see him at all here but he is the squire to the Lord Commander and never without complaint.

At 1:03 we have a panning shot of Daenerys gazing over a desert landscape while we hear her in voiceover saying "When my dragons are grown they will lay waste..." We have seen this shot in the "Shadow" tease at 0:17. Again I think it relates to Dany sending out scouts while crossing the red waste. At 1:05 we see spearmen armored in gold array themselves before a gate in a stone wall. This is followed by dignitaries of Qarth assembling behind the spearmen at 1:06. We have seen this shot before in the "Shadow" tease at 0:49. At 1:07 there is a closeup of Daenerys as she continues her line " armies and..." Jorah stands beside her. At 1:07 Daenerys finishing her line in voiceover "...burn cities to the ground." This sequence from 1:03 to here had some new images but I don't think they come from new scenes. A great deal is being made out of Dany's arrival to Qarth in the trailers but in the books this was a non-confrontational affair so I imagine some changes have been made. Again the relative brevity of Dany's second book story necessitates a broader adaptation for the series.

At 1:07 we see Lannister guardsmen opening a door at night. This is new. I think I could see Sandor Clegane at the back of the group and I expect this large door will be one of the gates of King's Landings being opened so that he can lead a sortie against the attacking forces in the Battle of the Blackwater. At 1:08 we see Lannister guardsmen charging before a stone wall being assaulted using ladders. This is new although we have seen a similar shot in the "Shadow" tease at 0:55. Again I think this is likely a sortie by the defenders. At 1:08 a burning Baratheon guardsman collapses to his knees. This is new and fits with the defence of the city using fire to my mind.

At 1:09 a title card reads "Based on the best-selling novels" backed by the direwolf sigil of House Stark. At 1:10 we see a close-up of Varys saying "Power is a curious thing." This is reminiscent of the earlier "Shadow" trailer where his voiceover about power was featured prominently but surprisingly this particular phrasing did not appear in Varys voiceover in that teaser. At 1:11 there is a close-up of Tyrion holding a green substance in a thick glass vial. We have seen a glimpse of this in the "Invitation to the Set" featurette but it looks different here. At 1:13 a title card reads "By George R. R. Martin" backed by the lion sigil of House Lannister.

Varys continues in voiceover "It's a trick. A shadow on a wall." This phrasing was uttered by Varys in the shadow tease. At 1:15 a sword wreathed in flame is drawn from a burning statue. This is new and I am sure this represents Stannis pulling the sword that Melisandre claims is Lightbringer out of one of the burning statues of the seven. This scene occurs A Clash of Kings Chapter 11 Davos I.

At 1:16 we see Davos repositioning himself, through bars. This is new. I think this is likely to be him infiltrating Storm's End in a row boat from A Clash of Kings chapter 43 Davos II and is likely closely related to the next image. At 1:16 Melisandre gasps, apparently naked apart from her choker. This is new although there is a similar shot from a different angle in the "Shadow" tease at 0:57. I think this is Melisandre performing sorcery underneath Storm's End in A Clash of Kings chapter 43 Davos II.

At 1:17 there is a closeup of Catelyn turning her head. This is new and she appears to be in Renly's tent. At 1:17 Brienne rushes into a tent. This is new and again it looks like Renly's tent based on the footage from the Invitation to the Set featurette. I think this is likely to be Brienne and Catelyn seeing Melisandre's magic taking shape and therefore based on A Clash of Kings chapter 34 Catelyn IV. I freely admit that the relocation I suggested earlier doesn't seem to fit with this - Storm's End is a castle so why would Renly still be in a tent. I am not sure how to make sense of this and will wait until I see more of the show.

At 1:17 Loras Tyrell swings his greataxe at an opponents helm in a melee. We have seen this before in the "Shadow" tease at 0:58. I believe his opponent here is Brienne based on the armor they are wearing. Also at 1:17 Sandor swings his sword down in an overhead cut during a night time battle. This is new and again probably during the Battle of the Blackwater. Finally at 1:17 A title card reads "The epic series returns" backed by the crowned stag sigil of House Baratheon.

At 1:20 we see Sandor and three members of the Kingsguard pull Joffrey through a crowd of angry townsfolk. This is new. We hear Cersei in voiceover saying "That's what ruling is. Lying on a bed of weeds, ripping them out..." Also at 1:20 Two of the Kingsguard and several gold cloaks are mobbed by townsfolk. This is new. Finally at 1:20 we see Cersei led through an angry crowd by Lannister guardsmen. We have seen this before in the "Shadow" tease at 0:45. At 1:22 we see Sandor and the Kingsguard strike down townsfolk. This is new. At 1:22 there is a close-up of Cersei finishing her line "...Before they strangle you in your sleep." This is new. I think the majority of the shots in this sequence are taken from scenes involving rioting in King's Landing due to dissatisfaction with Joffrey's rule. These are drawn from A Clash of Kings chapter 42 Tyrion IX.

At 1:23 Oarsmen row a squadron of longboats at speed during the night. This is new. Given the nighttime nautical setting I'd again guess at this being part of the Battle of the Blackwater and at these being Stannis' men. We hear Tyrion in voiceover "The King is a lost cause. It's the rest of us I'm worried about." At 1:25 we see Joffrey atop the Iron Throne. We have seen this before in the "Shadow" tease at 0:20. At 1:26 we see Tyrion, wearing his armor but now also the chain of the Hand, as he walks through a group of cheering Lannister men. This is new. Also there is a young man trailing after Tyrion and I wondered if this was his squire Podrik Payne. I again think this is taken from the Battle of the Blackwater sequence.

At 1:26 we see Jaime Lannister in irons. We have seen a similar shot in the "Shadow" trailer but this is tighter on his face. At 1:27 a direwolf growls at the captive Jaime. This is new and the wolf is likely Robb's Grey Wind. Jaime is another non-point of view character who will need more material to make it worth Nikolaj Coster-Waldau sticking around as part of the starring cast. He is in captivity throughout A Clash of Kings so there is much speculation that content from his chapters in A Sword of Storms (where he becomes a point of view character) will be brought forward to the second season and expanded on to give him a more substantial arc.

At 1:28 there is a closeup of Jon, his face bloodied saying "I saw it..." to the Lord Commander. Behind them is the white fur of Jon's wolf Ghost. At 1:29 there is a closeup of Jon recoiling from an unseen terror at night as he continues in voiceover "...I saw, something." At 1:30 there is a closeup of Jon watching something from beside a tree at night. At 1:31 there is a tight closeup of the Lord Commander saying "Whatever it was, you'll see it again." At 1:32 there is a tight closeup of Jon, his face bloodied. At 1:33 Jon leaps from snowy rocks, sword in hand. This sequence from 1:28 to 1:33 is new. I think the shots come from different points in Jon’s story. The ambush in the 1:33 shot is likely to be Qhorin and Jon capturing Ygritte which occurs in A Clash of Kings chapter 52 Jon VI. I think the earlier footage relates to Jon having a dream of his own where he sees the wildling hordes through Ghost's eyes. I am at a loss to explain his injuries because I cannot recall him being injured while still with Mormont in the book. He does

At 1:33 a gold cloak stabs a man in silhouette. This is new. It looks like it is taking place in Littlefinger’s brothel but I don’t recognise the man. I wonder if this also relates to the murder of Barra that I mentioned in relation to the shot of Ros at 0:11.

At 1:34 we see Arya recoils from a cage on leafy terrain. This is new and I think it is Arya approaching the chained men with Yoren’s party of recruits. This occurs in A Clash of Kings chapter 2 Arya I. Next at 1:34 Theon is baptised by a man in grey robes. This was in the "Shadow" trailer at 0:56. I think it represents Theon’s return to the Iron Islands which is in A Clash of Kings Chapter 12 Theon II.

At 1:34 we see a closeup of Sansa turning away. This is new but I am not able to place it specifically as she is alone. Next at 1:34 there is a closeup of Bran awakening. This is new to season 2 trailers but very reminiscent of the end of the season 1 episode "The Kingsroad" when Bran awakens from his coma. Bran is troubled by dreams of wolves throughout A Clash of Kings but they feature prominently enough in A Clash of Kings chapter 5 Bran I that I will guess that he is awakening from that particular dream here.

At 1:35 we see Shae kissing Tyrion. This is new footage. Shae and Tyrion liaise again for the first time in A Clash of Kings chapter 3 Tyrion I so I would guess at this featuring in the pilot episode. At 1:36 we see archers preparing fire arrows atop a castle wall. This is new and they are wearing red so I think they are Lannister men defending King’s Landing during the Battle of the Blackwater. At 1:36 there is a charge of men bearing shields with Renly's sigil seen from above. This is new and again probably from the Battle of the Blackwater.

At 1:37 we see Gendry fighting a Lannister guardsman at night. This is new and I think relates to Yoren’s party of recruits being attacked by Lannister men in A Clash of Kings Chapter 14 Arya IV. At 1:38 we see Sandor Clegane fighting in blurred silhouette with the sun bright overhead. This is new but seems to fit with earlier shots of the hound knocking a knight over a wall and I believe this occurs in Joffrey’s name day tourney which we will likely see in the pilot.

At 1:38 Renly looks on as a woman disrobes in his tent. We saw this in the "Shadow" tease at 0:55 and I said then that I thought it likely to be Margaery Tyrell, Renly’s new wife. At 1:38 Shae rolls over in bed. This is new but given her profession difficult to place. At 1:39 Daenerys cradles a dark haired woman in her arms, kneeling beside a horse. This is new and likely from the khalasars difficult journey through the Red Waste where several of them perish in A Clash of Kings chapter 13 Daenerys I. At 1:39 Arya darts forward in darkness. This is new and hard to place but I would guess at her being at Harrenhal in this shot.

At 1:39 a black clad archer fires an arrow while lying back against snowy rocks. This is new and although there has been no casting news I would guess at this being one of the brothers of the Night’s Watch who accompanies Qhorin and Jon on their scouting mission. Squire Dalbridge was the archer of the group but Stonesnake was their best climber and the terrain here fits with Jon’s ambush on the wildlings seen in other shots in this trailer where Stonesnake accompanied him. I’ll be watching for this one to pop up in the show itself.

At 1:40 Bienne overpowers Loras in a melee. This is new but fits with earlier shots of this melee. They fight for entertainment in Renly’s camp and Brienne wins some honor with her victory over the Knight of the flowers. It also serves as the introduction of Brienne in A Clash of Kings chapter 23 Catelyn II. Brienne using her dirk to open Loras visor is straight from the book and ends a lengthy duel between the two which begins on horseback. At 1:39 Tyrion slaps an armored Joffrey. This is new and welcome but I cannot get a non-blurred screenshot I’m afraid. At 1:40 Jon swings a ferocious overhead cut. This is new and appears to fit with other footage of the wildling ambush. Again too action packed for a decent screenshot. At 1:40 a title card reads "Game of Thrones." At 1:44 a final title card reads "01.4.12 #GAMEOFTHRONES" before fading to black.


  1. I kinda think this isn't Gendry, but Podrick Payne in Blackwater. Why would Gendry wear a full plate??
    Daniel Portman looks a bit like Joe Dempsey, though...

  2. Thanks for your comment. You have definitely made me doubt my assertion about Gendry. If I'm right about Payne being behind Tyrion in the earlier shot then he has a similar high collar to the won worn by the boy fighting at 1:37. I suppose they might have Pod protect Tyrion from Lannister treachery and hence fight a Lannister man-at-arms as we see in the shot. (This would be in place of Pod protecting Tyrion from Mandon Moore I suppose).

    1. Seems plausible to me...

      I'm only assuming this based on the presence of armor. Yoren's group will, I think, be caught by surprise by the Lannister guards, so I think Gendry would not have had time to put on any armor...
      Pod, on the other hand, knows he goes to a battle so he arms himself well...

      Anyway, we shall see in a month :) :)

    2. On a second thought, I think it is rather Gendry... The piece of armor what I thought to belong to him actually belongs to the Lannister guard he is fighting (stupid perspective :D).

      So I think your first guess was right about Gendry.

    3. I'm still not sure. We might have to wait more than a month for this answer too - I think we won't see Arya's group attacked until after the premiere, maybe episode 3?

      I'm working on an adapting A Clash of Kings series of posts so I'll have a better informed prediction soon hopefully.

  3. In your description, you mention that Stannis is Robert's younger brother, but, in fact, Stannis is Rober's older brother. Renly is younger than them both.

    1. Ah time for some frantic semantics.

      The children of Steffon Baratheon were born in this order:
      1. Robert
      2. Stannis
      3. Renly

      I think you are confusing the meaning of younger and youngest.

      I am correct that Stannis is Robert's younger brother because he is younger than Robert.

      At the same time Stannis is Robert's oldest brother (of Robert's two brother's he is the oldest) but is definitely not his older brother because he is younger than Robert.

      Renly is indeed younger than his two brothers and is therefore the youngest brother.

      Does that make sense?

    2. Thanks for reading so closely though!